Denton High's new cafeteria

Members of the Class of 2023 gather in the cafeteria of the brand-new Denton High School on Monday. Students return to class Thursday.

The Class of 2023 walked into the gleaming new Denton High School building on Monday.

As they toured their new school, they saw a 21st century building: security-minded design, gender-neutral bathrooms and learning spaces made for collaboration.

Col. Bob West

Col. Bob West, a sort of ambassador of the Denton High School Class of 2023, was surprised when one of the horse sculptures he helped bring to the new high school was named "The Colonel." The sculpture is installed in the cafeteria. The new high school opens Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. Photo courtesy of Denton ISD.

Historical horse

The famous Bronco floor inlay is now in the entrance of the new Denton High School. The historical piece lines up with the new Broncos logo on the floor, “the Colonel,” a bronze horse statue in the cafeteria and the bronze bronco sculpture on the top of the dome.

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