Trent Greene, right, with his mother Barbara Greene, receives a birthday card from his friends when they drove past their home to wish him a happy 50th birthday on Saturday. Greene, who has developmental disabilities, is a popular visitor at the Denton Senior Center, where his mother, Barbara, teaches a popular exercise class. Around 30 cars drove to wish him a happy birthday. Birthday parades have become a popular way to celebrate during the social distancing recommendations during the pandemic.

The Denton County Museum has been collecting stories from county residents documenting how COVID-19 has changed their lives.

The campaign, titled “Share Your Moments,” expands the museum’s archives to collect information related to the effects of the coronavirus. The county’s historians asked several questions:

  • How has your daily life changed?
  • What are you feeling during these unprecedented times?
  • What has been the biggest challenge?
  • What is your family doing as you spend time together?

To share your stories, photos, videos and art, post on the Denton County Facebook post, and use #DentonCountyCOVID19. You can also submit stories, art, photos and video by sending an email to COVID19Archives@DentonCounty.gov.


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