Denton County Public Health

Denton County Public Health

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Six more cases of COVID-19 in Denton County were confirmed Friday afternoon, bringing the countywide total to 15 and citywide to two, according to Denton County Public Health.

The six new cases include another in the Denton city limits and another local transmission.

The second case in Denton is a man in his 50s in hospital isolation. Health officials are still investigating how he got infected.

The fourth Lewisville patient is in her 30s in home isolation due to travel-related exposure. A fourth Frisco case is a woman in her 50s who came into contact with a person confirmed with the virus and is in home isolation.

In Little Elm, a man in his 50s is in home isolation following travel-related exposure. An Aubrey man in his 60s is in hospital isolation after local transmission. A Justin resident in his 40s is in home isolation and was determined to have contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Six of the 15 cases are people in their 50s, according to health officials. No cases confirmed in the county are people older than 69 years old or younger than 20.

Of the 15 cases, 11 people are in home isolation, and four are hospitalized. The four patients in hospitals include a Lewisville man in his 40s who is in critical condition and a Lewisville woman in her 50s.

Nine of the 15 confirmed cases are travel-related, three are local transmission, two involve contact with a confirmed case, and one is pending investigation.

The most recent recommended COVID-19 guidelines for people with mild symptoms are to self-isolate at home until fever is absent for 72 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medicine, other symptoms have improved and seven days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

If symptoms worsen, people should call their health care provider before going to an office or emergency room to limit potential spread.

Denton County Public Health is contacting people who may have been exposed to the virus.

ZAIRA PEREZ can be reached at 940-566-6882.

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