A shopper walks out of Target with groceries and water Monday, March 9, 2020, in Denton, Texas. 

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With another winter storm front bringing more snow and ice to North Texas overnight and power outages continuing throughout the region, many stores and restaurants in Denton County are closing or modifying hours. Here’s what we know about what’s open and what’s closed across the area:

This list will continue to be updated and was last updated at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Grocery stores and supercenters

Natural Grocers — Natural Grocers on University Drive has been open since 10 a.m. Wednesday and is offering residents free filtered water, according to a news release the grocery store chain sent out Wednesday evening. Residents can receive up to 5 gallons of water at the store’s reverse osmosis filtration machines and it will be available through Feb. 23.

Albertson’s — Albertson’s is open intermittently as they have power and a stock of essential items, a team member said Wednesday morning. The store is shutting their doors when they lose power, which has been every hour, but they are letting customers in when the lights are on. The store has staple items like milk and bread available, but their deli is closed, the team member said.

Kroger — The Kroger on University Drive is open until 10 p.m., but is “extremely low” on inventory, a member of management said Wednesday afternoon. The store has not had power outages since last night but has very little grocery supply and almost no perishables left in the store, the manager said. Staff is unsure when they will receive another delivery. At Loop 288, the store was hoping to open at 8 a.m. Wednesday, but was uncertain if they would be able to because of the blackouts. When a blackout does occur, the store has to shut down, a staff member said. The Teasley Lane location is open but plans to close its doors by 8 p.m. or earlier due to the weather, an assistant store manager told the Denton Record-Chronicle late Wednesday morning. The store has no bread and limited milk quantities, and is sold out of propane, the manager said.

Natural Grocers — Natural Grocers on University Drive will open at 10 a.m. rather than its usual opening time of 8 a.m. Wednesday, according to an update posted on the store’s website Tuesday.

Super Target — Target is open regular hours Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 10 p.m., but the store has no bread, eggs, milk, gloves or firelogs, since the store was unable to receive a delivery Tuesday and is not expecting one Wednesday, a guest services team member said Wednesday morning.

Walmart — All three Walmarts in Denton — on University Drive, South Loop 288, as well as the Neighborhood Market on Teasley — are closed amid the winter weather, according to the interactive map on the store’s website. The Crossroads location is open and in Lewisville, the store at 751 W Main St. remains open. The Flower Mound location is open, as is the Hickory Creek location. Pharmacies are also closed at locations down for weather. The Sam’s Club on University Drive is open according to the online map, but calls to the store go unanswered. More than 600 Walmart & Sam’s Clubs nationwide were closed as of Tuesday morning as harsh winter weather causes dangerous conditions across the country.

Winco — Winco Foods is currently closed and does not know when they will open because they do not have power and need gas for their generator, a store employee said early Wednesday morning.

Hardware/sporting goods stores

Lowe's — Lowe’s opened at 7 a.m. Wednesday and plans to remain open for regular hours today as long as the store has power, a customer service associate said Wednesday morning.

The store is sold out of propane and heaters but has firewood bundles and generators for sale, both of which are limited to one per customer. The store also has gas cans and bottled water.

Home Depot — The Home Depot at 1900 Brinker Rd. is open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday and is not currently experiencing power outages, but it is out of propane and fire logs, an associate said Wednesday morning.


Midway Market — Midway Market, located at 406 W. Hickory St., has enough gas for approximately three days, manager Shaun Tapia said late Wednesday afternoon. The store is open until 10 p.m. and while it does not have perishables like milk and bread, it has plenty of snack food and beverages, Tapia said.

RaceTrac — The RaceTrac at 2834 W. University Dr. Is open to the public when the location has power, but although they have gas, the blackouts aren’t giving staff enough time to restart the pumps for use, manager Tasha Tucker said late Wednesday morning.

“I have gas, it’s just the power outage makes my pumps go down and if it keeps doing that and I keep resetting them and pumping them it’s going to blow my pump, so I had to stop,” Tucker said.

The store has some milk, snacks and hot, ready-made foods, but is out of bread and does not sell eggs or other perishables, Tucker said.

The location at 3600 E University Dr. has some gasoline and is open intermittently Wednesday amid rolling blackouts, manager Derrick Johnson said.

“We have some gas but not a ton — it won’t last us all that long,” Johnson said.

The location is unsure when they will receive more gasoline, but it is open when it has power, which is for about an hour-on-hour-off cycle, Johnson said.

Quik Trip — Though the Quik Trip at 3701 S Interstate 35 E is open 24 hours, the store is out of gasoline and associates do not know when they will receive more, manager Bryan Bart said Wednesday morning.

“We haven’t gotten a truck since the weekend and they’re not running right now,” Bart said. “I’m guessing we might get more closer to Friday and Saturday.”

The University Drive location is open as long as the store has power and has 20,000 gallons of gas, the store manager said late Wednesday morning.

While gas amounts vary by store, it will likely be later in the week before trucks can make it to stores to resupply, QuikTrip spokesperson Aisha Jefferson-Smith said Wednesday afternoon.

“There is gas but the issue is the road conditions and with conditions being what they are, gas trucks are not delivering the way they can deliver normally,” Jefferson-Smith said. “As soon as the roads clear up — and we are hoping that will be sometime Friday or at the very latest Saturday, that’s when trucks will be out on the roads delivering.”

Many QuikTrip locations impacted by power outages are running on backup generators and remain open, but inventory varies at each location with deliveries halted, Jefferson-Smith said.

While some customers have been calling the corporate office to check stock, Jefferson-Smith suggests customers call stores before venturing out if they’re looking for specific products.

The most important thing is that customers and employees remain safe, Jefferson-Smith said.

“We just want to make sure people are staying warm and safe while they’re driving, and everything we can do to help our employees and customers, we’re doing,” Jefferson-Smith said.

Alco — The Alco Corner Stop gas station at 3286 N Elm has gas, but they cannot access it since a power outage caused about $30,000 worth of damage to the system that connects to the pumps, the store manager said Wednesday afternoon.

“One of the times the power went out if fried our system which is connected to our gas pumps, therefore we have gas down in the ground, but we can’t sell it,” the manager said.

The location is waiting for technicians, but do not know when they might arrive with the road conditions, the manager said.


CVS — The CVS at 3200 Teasley Lane is the only location in Denton currently open and will be open 24 hours, though they have low inventory, store manager Austin Gonzalez said Wednesday morning. The store has no milk, eggs, bread, cheese, flashlights, D batteries or propane, and most frozen food items are also gone, Gonzalez said. The store does have 12 ounce water bottles and prepackaged snack food items. There is no word yet on when the other CVS locations will open, Gonzalez said.

Drug Emporium — Drug Emporium is open today but will close temporarily if the store loses power, according to a post on the pharmacy's Facebook page. They are only accepting cash and their pharmacy and restrooms are closed.

Walgreens — Although the Walgreens at 1700 S Loop 288 and Teasley Lane closed due to prolonged power outages, the University location is currently open and will remain open so long as they have power, a manager said Wednesday morning. The store has had about three hours of consistent electricity when they spoke to the Denton Record-Chronicle around 8 a.m.