Daniel Bernardo, director of marketing and education at Rose Costumes, displays a Viking costume Wednesday at the store in Denton.

Once again, it’s that time of year for tricks and treats, decorations and, of course, costumes.

Picking the perfect Halloween costume can be difficult. There are hundreds of choices offered at costume shops and kids can have endless creative ideas. It’s expected to see several traditional ghosts and vampires creeping through the streets of Denton, but what costume will be seen frequently this year?

Halloween costumes tend to be influenced by media with movies, TV shows, video games and online trends. Denton’s costume shops each have their own noted best seller with some being more surprising than others. This year, Rose Costumes’ No. 1 rented costume kit broke out of the season’s norm.

“The most popular thing I’ve noticed has been Vikings,” said Kayly Nesser, show manager at Rose Costumes in Denton. “I’ve probably put together about 20 Vikings myself, but we’ve rented so many more than 20 costumes. We’ve rented a lot of Victorian [costumes] but 20 is really interesting for a person to come in and say that they would like to be a Viking, rather than ask us what they should be.”


Daniel Bernardo, director of marketing and education at Rose Costumes in Denton, puts together a Viking costume Wednesday at the store. At Rose Costumes, Viking costumes have been in high demand this year, while other retailers say costumes from video games like “Fortnite” are surging in popularity.

According to Nesser, the rising demands for Viking costumes are most likely connected to the recent popularity of the History Channel series Vikings. Rose Costumes seamstress Emily “Viking” Rolen says that putting together these costumes have proven to be challenging but exciting.

“Fur pieces for boot covers, belts, leather cording, it’s a lot of pieces for the viking costume,” she Rolen. “They’ve been the most popular, but they’re also the most interesting to put together because you don’t know the result in the end. Once they explain the look they’re going for, we can build it from there. That’s the best part because we can build it how you want.”

Rolen and Nesser have also seen high demands for Disney costumes and circus outfits inspired by the Greatest Showman.

Frozen is still going to be really popular since the new movie is coming out soon,” said Rolen. “I think the Little Mermaid is going to make a comeback because of the new movie being made. A lot of it revolves around movies and the popular culture.”

At Denton’s Spirit Halloween, Fortnite costumes have been in high demand. One of the shop’s walls was dedicated entirely to costumes from the game but is now only down to two small lines, said Cody Rutz, the store’s manager.

“We are sold out of a lot of Fortnite costumes completely, especially for kids,” said Rutz. “One day, we got a truck in with six more costumes and those were gone within the hour.”


Daniel Bernardo, director of marketing and education at Rose Costumes in Denton, wears a “Game of Thrones” costume Wednesday at the store.

Rutz anticipates that Fortnite will continue to trend next year and will probably sell out again. Mal from Disney Channel’s Descendants has been highly sought-after among young girls at Denton’s Party City.

“I guess it’s a good show because we’ve sold out of it,” said Rick Lyons, merchandising supervisor at Party City. “Probably 100 or more.”

Customers are still requesting shipments of Mal costumes days before Halloween, but most stores in the area have sold out as well, said Lyons.

“It’s really what’s popular on the big screen or in video games,” said Rutz.

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