United States Cold Storage

Construction takes place at United States Cold Storage. The company provides its clients with refrigerated and frozen food warehousing and transportation. USCS opened a 224,000-square-foot distribution center Sept. 1 in western Denton on Jim Christal Road.

Family-favorite frozen foods and refrigerated goods have a new home in Denton.

United States Cold Storage, a company that warehouses and distributes refrigerated and frozen food items, opened a 224,000-square-foot distribution center Sept. 1 in western Denton on Jim Christal Road.

The company already has locations in Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas. The Denton location is the 39th for USCS nationwide.

“We’ve been [in the market] for years and just recently built the warehouse in Denton to fill the growing demand that’s in the DFW area,” said Anna Johnson, a spokeswoman for USCS.

Inside the building, there’s space for 25,802 pallets of goods. Temperatures for storage range from minus 120 degrees to 60 degrees for storage, she said. Clients that use the company for storage between the production and distribution stages include Kraft, Kellogg’s and Butterball.

The company invested $34 million to complete the project, which added $28 million in ad valorem tax value for the city and county, said Caroline Booth, the city’s director of economic development.

The city is rebating 50 percent of the company’s construction sales and use tax, Booth said. Some construction activity is still taking place outside of the facility, even though it is operational.

Denton officials were interested in working with the company because of the quality jobs USCS brings to the community.

“The company is going to create 67 new jobs by their third year of operation, and almost 100 percent of the jobs will be full time and benefits eligible,” Booth said. “The city of Denton is focusing on quality jobs with higher wages and benefits provided to the employees to help workers in all different sectors and all different jobs to achieve a higher quality of life in our community.”

So far, the company has hired 33 employees to work in both administration and the warehouse, Johnson said. Positions in maintenance and with the warehouse are still available.

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