Karen and Steve Severance are the owners of Steve’s Wine Bar. The wine bar opened in 2016 on East Hickory Street and has reopened in a new and larger location at 111 Industrial St.

A new large tasting room, plenty of space for music and a large and accessible storage space for wine mark the new location of Steve’s Wine Bar on Industrial Street.

Owner Steve Severance opened the shop with his wife, Karen, in 2016. With an emphasis on affordable options, live jazz and a monthly wine club, they quickly built a following.

The layout in the original space wasn’t working, though. From the street, it would look more crowded than it was and Steve Severance said he began noticing people looking inside, then choosing to walk past the shop, especially when musicians were playing.

“The reason we started looking was the music,” he said. “We had musicians right up front and it was a cramped environment. A lot of times people would come by and want to come in, but either the musicians would be there or it would look full so they’d walk on by.”

Now, Severance hopes to change up the music schedule now that more spots like Sweetwater Grill & Tavern are having live jazz. He hopes to move to a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday schedule instead of Tuesday through Thursday, he said.

In the new space he’s also going to implement a few other new ideas. The bar has a nitrogen system to help preserve wines after they’re opened and look like they’re on tap, like a beer. He hopes to put high-end wine offerings on the system that traditionally are only sold by the bottle, from vineyards like Silver Oak Winery and Cakebread Cellars.

Visitors will be able to do 2, 4 or 6 ounce pours and eventually tasting flights, Severance said.

“I’m really interested to see how Denton will take to it because I do have challenges when I have glasses of wine available, and if anything is above $20 that’s not something people will choose,” he said. “But I think having name brand or well-known products people recognize on the keeper, I think we’ll have some fun experiences with that.”

They’re also launching a partnership with Ten:One Artisan Cheese soon to offer pre-made cheese plates, he said. Soon, construction will start on a back patio area as well.

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