Stacks Pancake House

Staff are ready to serve customers at Stacks Pancake House. The family-run business has opened in the former Cartwright’s Cafe location at 1020 Dallas Drive.

The Muaremi siblings have moved a lot, living in Las Vegas, California and now Texas. But among their earliest memories are those of helping their parents at the family’s all-day diner, which was located just below the Muaremis’ apartment in a small Illinois town.

“That’s how I kind of got my foot in the door is my dad said, ‘OK, here’s a little stool, can you reach the plates?’ — I took my first order around 12 or 13,” Peri Muaremi said.

The family owned that business for about 10 years, according to Butch Muaremi, Peri’s younger brother. They went on to own a steakhouse, later a sports bar and eventually their longest-running restaurant, which was also a diner-style eatery.

The Muaremi siblings’ parents retired five or six years ago, but their children decided to continue the family business of owning restaurants — this time, in Texas.

Butch bought the former Cartwright’s Cafe building at 1020 Dallas Drive in March and envisioned turning it into the classic family diner of his childhood. The space eventually became Stacks Pancake House, which opened its doors June 11. Though they are planning to wait to have a grand opening event until staff training is complete, the diner is serving up all-day breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. seven days a week.

Stacks’ menu features classic diner fare like breakfast combos and deli sandwiches, along with decadent takes on favorites like Reese’s or banana split waffles and pineapple upside down pancakes. Burgers and salads also make the menu, as well as wraps, crepes and breakfast skillets.

Butch runs the kitchen and back of house while Peri, along with their younger sibling, Suzie, manage the front. And their dad, now 65, still helps out in the kitchen.

Though the siblings have explored other careers and held jobs outside family restaurants — Peri went to school for business administration and was in real estate for several years — they always came back.

“When it’s something you know, it’s just comfortable,” Peri said. “I love getting to know the people and the connections you make.”

Though Stacks is the first restaurant owned by Butch and Denton is the largest city the family has owned a restaurant in, they plan to continue the small-town, personal service they have always offered.

“We’re here to welcome people as like our guests, not as our customers — we’re just really excited to be here and continue this journey here,” Peri said.

To learn more about Stacks, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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