Peterbilt and Decker executives are shown with the 2,500th truck Peterbilt has produced for Decker.

Peterbilt Motors Co. and partner Decker Truck Line Inc. celebrated the 2,500th truck Peterbilt has built for Decker.

Peterbilt has produced trucks for Decker Truck Line over six decades, and currently produces Model 579 UltraLoft and Model 389 trucks.

The 2,500th truck was custom-made and was awarded to Decker’s 2018 Grand Champion Driver of the Year, Steve Alliger.

“Decker purchased its first Peterbilt truck more than 50 years ago starting a relationship that has continued to grow stronger through many decades of business together,” Robert Woodall, assistant general manager for sales and marketing, said in a press release.

“I am proud of the relationship Peterbilt has with Decker and I congratulate them on a long history of industry leadership.”

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