About a year after opening her storefront location, Salted Sanctuary Soap owner Kimberly Bien announced that her business will have a new home after signing an integrated lease near Denton’s downtown Square.

Bien, whose company sells handmade, cold-processed soap and natural skincare products, said that the integration will create a partnership with Vintage Bleu Home, a vintage furniture, home decor and handmade jewelry store located at 221 W. Oak St.

The partnership and decision to integrate, Bien said, came after she experienced an array of problems that began to impact the sustainability of her previous storefront at 525 N. Elm St.

At the time, she said, customer foot traffic to her storefront was decreasing while the amount of time she found herself having to sustain her business through additional means had increased.

“Basically, anything that I was doing [hosting and organizing] outside shows [was] to keep that store alive,” she said about sustainability efforts. “But when you do so many events then you kind of become a bar, and that wasn’t what I was trying to do.”


Some Salted Sanctuary Soap products are already available at Vintage Bleu Home.

As more and more of her time was geared toward events and the sustainability of her business, she said, it had begun to further affect her storefront. The amount of time she spent at her studio creating new products decreased, and so did her time spent supporting her own brands.

Bien, after opening her storefront last summer, said that although the location had been affordably priced, she opted to not renew the lease. Instead, she decided to partner with Vintage Bleu Home because of what she described as a personal friendship and local support for small businesses.

“[Debbie Drake and Thera Jones] embody what community over competition means,” she said about her relationship with the owners of Vintage Bleu Home. “They were friends and helped support [Salted Sanctuary Soap], so there was this natural friendship long before I was looking [for a new storefront].”


Vintage Bleu Home co-owners Debbie Drake, left, and Thera Jones, center, are entering into an integrated lease with Salted Sanctuary Soap owner Kimberly Bien, right, to operate out of one location at 221 W. Oak St.

Drake, whose store is co-owned by Jones, her daughter, said that as a small business operating with about 10 other vendors in their store, there are many benefits to an integrated approach, such as offset costs.

In addition, she said, there are benefits that strengthen the overall nature of their business, as a more diverse selection of goods is offered for customers.

“We can’t do everything, and everybody has their own niche,” Drake said about the benefits of diversifying through a partnership with Salted Sanctuary Soap.

Describing what customers can expect from their partnership, Bien said that she would want customers to feel as if they were at home in a natural, welcoming environment. She said she wants customers to feel comfortable and, hopefully, inspired.

A grand opening celebration titled “Home Soapy Home” is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 7 at the combined location, 221 W. Oak. The festivities will highlight the cemented partnership between Vintage Bleu Home and Salted Sanctuary Soap.

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