Screenshot of a video of the lights flaring at Kroger.

A video circulating on social media this week of lights flashing in the parking lot of the Kroger in Denton Crossing prompted speculation that the store was testing out a new system to deter birds, but store management say it is just a malfunction causing the strobing.

“The lights at the 288 Kroger have been strobing for days, according to my coworker to scare off birds. It seems extremely hazardous to risk giving humans seizures in order to scare off birds??? Does anyone know what’s going on???” Jo Hargis posted May 8 in the Facebook group Denton Downtowners.

Lights flash outside of Kroger on S. Loop 288 in Denton. 

Several Kroger customers in the comments said the flashing lights were distracting and “unnerving,” and while some wondered if it was to deter the large bird population in the parking lot, store employees said Thursday that malfunctioning LED lights were to blame.

“It’s been put in on our service hub three times and I’ve also sent a video to someone else who could probably help with it, so I’m not sure what’s going on,” assistant manager Jason Wells said. “I’ll probably make a phone call to see if I can get it moved up the ladder.”

The strobing started around a week ago, Wells estimates. Wells said he’s not sure whether the lights have been looked at yet since store-level managers don’t always get updates after putting in work orders, but requests have been submitted and staff hope to get it fixed soon.

— Amber Gaudet

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