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Store owners and operators Dylan Thompson and Nils Morata pose in The Green Botica, which offers hemp and CBD products in their new store on Hickory St. off of the square in Denton.

As shoppers enter The Green Botica, a “hemporium” in downtown Denton, the entry table is covered in flyers flushed with information about cannabidiol oil, commonly known as CBD.

The goal is to educate consumers as soon as they come in the door about CBD and how it can help humans and pets with common ailments and overall wellness, said Dylan Thompson, co-owner of the store.

“We feel like if we educate people, our job is to educate more than anything,” he said. “If someone wants to come in and just talk and learn, we’ll talk about it and I don’t care if you buy anything or not.”

From CBD-infused coffees and teas to bath products and pet treats, the shop caries most every product that contains CBD: There’s even CBD toothpicks for $13.95. The most common product is tinctures, CBD oils to consume, that range from $12.95 for a five-day supply to $129 a bottle that’s top tier. Pricing depends on the size, brand and strength.

There’s other retail components as well with hemp-made goods. The brand’s T-shirts are with a 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton blend, and other items like hats and jewelry are 100% hemp.

Dubbed The Green Botica for the green of cannabis and “botica” from the Portuguese word for storehouse or apothecary, they thought the name embodied the storefront. The logo also features a green plus sign, which is commonly used for pharmacies around Europe and marijuana dispensaries in places where consumption is legal, like Colorado and Oklahoma.

While the store is currently focused on legal CBD products, Thompson said he thinks Texas will legalize in the coming years, and the branding is positioning for the company to branch into legal marijuana if the time comes.

The duo of University of North Texas graduates worked together before and owned six vape shops before wanting to start a CBD-focused business about a year ago. Right now, CBD is a side product for a lot of shops instead of a focus, co-owner Nils Morata said. The duo visited several small companies that they now feature in the shop before deciding to carry the lines.

“We wanted a place for adults seeking CBD and seeking out alternative, holistic ways to cure any ails that they might have and think CBD might help,” Morta said. “So we resigned ourselves in the beginning that we wouldn’t buy just anything, so the companies that we have here have all been vetted by us personally and we’ve had contact with the producers and this is all seed to bottle.”

The shop at 221 W. Hickory Street is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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