Erica Pangburn

Just last week, my husband and I observed a small group of young people, likely in the 12-15 age range, walking along Mockingbird Lane just off McKinney Street. They were talking and smiling, a little sweaty, a few were carrying their shirts. One kid was sharing a snack with the others while they walked, clearly enjoying the warm summer afternoon.

“Ah, summer,” my husband commented, “the good ol’ days!”

I smiled as I remembered how we, too, used to while away our summers in exactly that fashion, without a care for what lay ahead.

Fast-forward some 30ish years, and our summers are different. Almost over already. Back-to-school shopping has started, and I’ve had no less than three phone calls about season tickets for football Friday nights.

While we still have a few more weekend road trips to take, cannonball jumps to practice and lazy mornings ahead of us, I want to make sure you have plenty of notice on the opportunities you are about to have, to learn more about the Denton Chamber of Commerce’s mission and investors.

Education, advocacy, workforce development and retention of local business are our top priorities, and if you have not engaged with us lately, open your calendar now and save these dates.

July 23 — HR Smart

What every business needs to know about basic human resources compliance. People are the competitive advantage for most organizations — are you getting the best return on your investment? Join us as we welcome HR consultant and strategist Penny Miller to speak about human resources. Topics include workplace postings, personnel files, new hire reporting, wage and hour, payroll taxes, contingent workers, I-9s, safety, workers’ compensation, employee handbooks, Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Aug. 2 — DISD New Employee Reception

Approximately 400 new employees are being hired for the Denton school district this year, many of whom are relocating to the area or are new to Denton and need information on education resources and programs; entertainment for all age groups; caterers, restaurants and grocers; health and medical resources; and insurance, banking and financial services. Local businesses are invited to showcase their services and earn the business of Denton’s newest educators and school support staff.

Aug. 7 — WINC Power Hour Lunch

Join Denton’s Women in Commerce for a power hour lunch with networking and a speaker, Erica Pangburn of the Denton Chamber of Commerce, addressing this year’s theme: Inspiration!

Sept. 10 — Denton Community Job Fair

The fair will feature a variety of basic, entry-level, student, seasonal, part-time, internship, major-related and professional career positions. Featured partners include Denton ISD, United Way of Denton County, Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas, the city of Denton and North Central Texas College. Free to attend for job seekers.

A clear understanding what chambers aim to accomplish in their communities is something we consistently strive to communicate. Chamber missions vary, but they all tend to focus to some degree on five primary goals:

  • Building communities that attract residents, visitors and investors. This is done through public and private partnerships. The economic development arm of the chamber plays a large role here.
  • Promoting those communities. This is most commonly the function of the Convention & Visitors Bureau arm of the chamber.
  • Striving to ensure future prosperity via a pro-business climate. We want to make it easy to do business in our community.
  • Representing the unified voice of the employer community to local, state and federal government. There’s power in numbers.
  • Providing accelerated access to resources and relationships. Networking!

Most chambers are led by private-sector employers, self-funded, organized around boards or committees of volunteers, and independent. They share a common ambition for sustained prosperity of their community and region, built on thriving employers. Most are ardent proponents of the free market, resisting attempts to overly burden private-sector enterprise and investment. To read more, visit

Registration info, sponsorship info and even more events and opportunities for engagement can be found at www. Networking lunches, mixers, government relations meetings and business support programs are ongoing. We are always ready to partner with local businesses to listen to your ideas as well as your concerns.

As always, I welcome your questions and thank you for the role each one of you plays in making Denton the best place to do business in North Texas.

ERICA PANGBURN is president of the Denton Chamber of Commerce and can be reached at 940-382-9693 and

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