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Aaron Layman sold this home. Available home inventory in Denton continues to increase as the holidays and end of the year grow near.

If you are seeing more “for sale” signs in your neighborhood, you’re not alone. Available home inventory in Denton continues to grow as we head into the end of the year and holidays. This is not a typical seasonal pattern. It’s a consequence of the Fed’s demand crush and deliberate housing market reset.

The supply of homes in Denton grew to 2.4 months in October. The supply of new homes in the area grew to 5.3 months as more local builders were putting some of that huge backlog on the market. Denton hasn’t had this much new home supply since 2008. That year should ring a bell if you are paying attention. The supply of new construction in Denton has skyrocketed this year.

Aaron Layman

Aaron Layman

Denton home prices, October 2022
Consumer Price Index shelter inflation, October 2022

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