The following sales permits were issued by the state comptroller’s office for July. The list includes the owner, name of business and address within ZIP codes 75068, 76201, 76205, 76207, 76208, 76210, 76226, 76227, 76249, 76258 and 76266.


City Church Global Ministries, City Church Global Ministries, 2213 Hickory Drive

Awilda Moore, Natural Simplicities, 500 Kenilworth Ave.

Premier Vibez LLC, Premier Vibez, 201 E. Eldorado Parkway, Apt. 2413

Kaustubh Nitin Nabar, Little Elm Attire, 932 Lake Woodland Drive

Rebecca Quattrini, Lux Aurea Photography, 200 E. Park St.

Aria Care LLC, Aria Care LLC, 2425 Deerwood Drive

SOS Towing, SOS Towing, 128 W. Dickson Lane, Suite 200

Inspiration to Design LLC, Inspiration to Design LLC, 3612 Kern River Drive

Miranda Kincaid, The Gypsy Junkie Boutique, 116 Glenview Drive

Jordan Leigh Hale, A Pearl of Great Price, 2340 S. Elm Ridge Road

Aldo Avina, Location Intelligence and Analytics, 2000 Michelle Creek Drive

Olivia L. Mydlowski, Green Queen Brand, 1012 W. Eldorado Parkway, Unit 403

Arthur & Josephine Boncales, Rachel’s Closet, 2521 Stone Meadows Drive

Seln Brunch LLC, Seln Brunch LLC, 500 W. Eldorado Parkway, Suite 400

Maelynn & Co. LLC, Maelynn & Co. LLC, 2050 FM423, Apt. 5502

Brenda G. Towns, See My Humanity, 912 Lake Pleasant Road

Roger A. Arias, Roger Auto, 107 McDaniel Drive

Rinda Garrett, Texas Longcorn Roasters, 301 Turnstone Drive

Voneva Denham Ownes, Voneva Official, 2517 Ash Drive

Anders Aviation Group LLC, Anders Aviation Group, 1808 Lake Wood Trail

Metroplex Pet Services Inc., Aussie Pet Mobile, 2648 Greyhawk Drive

Systems Roofing LLC, Systems Roofing LLC, 3105 Tropica Drive

Lindsey Marie Dutton, Lindsey Dutton Photography, 3026 Delray Court

Valente Ibarra, Legacy Hot Shots, 3569 Kayewood Drive

Nada Home Services LLC, Nada Home Services, 2308 Peppermill Drive

Basta LLC, Basta LLC, 2425 Deerwood Drive

Eddie L. Lease, Lease It Carpet Cleaning, 1611 Hillcrest Blvd.

Frontline Seamless Gutters LLC, Frontline Seamless Gutters, 2767 W. Eldorado Parkway

Jason Hanks, Done Right Security Systems, 2136 Jonathan Creek Drive

I Am Here LLC, I Am Here LLC, 2324 White Oak Drive

Carl E. Owens Jr., CEO Enterprises, 3943 Spinnaker Run Point

Rhonda Michelle Herring-Traylor, Faye’s Fashion Accessories, 2665 Whispering Trail


Pod Plug LLC, Pod Plug, 919 Maple St.

Pod Plug LLC, Pod Plug, 801 S. Welch St.

Worthington Paper Co. Inc., Worthington Paper Co. Inc., 1204 W. University Drive

Cegin Group LLC, Hannah’s, 111 W. Mulberry St.

Vape King Inc., Vape King Inc., 218 W. University Drive

Zalat Holdings 5 LLC, Zalat Pizza, 1221 W. Oak St.

Shannon Quillman, shrannonnichole, 1005 N. Austin St., Unit 10

Jose A. Barba & Benjamin Ruvalcaba, Drunchies Tacos & More, 1115 W. Hickory St., Unit 113

Tiff’s Treats Dallas II LLC, Tiff’s Treats, 2320 W. University Drive, Suite 1499

Jessica Rich, Brushmistress Machinations, 3100 Town Center Trail

Anwar Ahmad Alsuheem, Layalina, 222 W. Hickory St., Suite 104

Hannah Poe, Bad Boy Yardies, 118 N. Locust St.

Wayne Joseph LaCombe, Legends Diner, 508 S. Elm St.

Randy’s Cheesesteaks LLC, Randy’s Cheesesteaks LLC, 1320 W. Hickory St.

Double L Salon & Gifts LLC, Double L Salon & Gifts LLC, 1511 Malone St.

True and Sound LLC, True and Sound LLC, 1812 Panhandle St.

Ellen Levings, Pint Services, 318 E. Oak St., Suite 130

Marimedic LLC, Marimedic LLC, 2117 W. Hickory St., Apt. 2

KeyMe Inc., KeyMe Inc., 500 W. University Drive

Stephan Nedwetzky, Pit Commander Barbecue, 208 N. Austin St.


Laurie White, Unique Style Pendants, 1816 Teasley Lane, Apt. 906

Enzo Motorsports LLC, Enzo Motorsports LLC, 1230 Duncan St.

DSW Shoe Warehouse Inc., DSW Shoe Warehouse #29211, 1800 S. Loop 288, SPC B1

CleanPro Janitoral Services LLC, CleanPro Janitorial Services LLC, 2007 Teasley Lane, Apt. 129

Elias Discoveries LLC, Elias Discoveries LLC, 1720 Westminster St.

John Rainey & Kimberly Hall, Squirrelly Pecans & Sweet Treats, 25 Rolling Hills Circle

Antonia Razo, Antonia Razo, 1710 Sam Bass Blvd., Apt. 1022

Anwar Ahmad Alsuheem, Quick Track Gas Station, 1724 Bernard St.

Samantha Cutler, Heavenly Taylored Sweets, 260 S. Interstate 35E, Suite 100

Denton Lawnscapes LLC, Denton Lawnscapes LLC, 1040 Shady Oaks Drive, Suite 110


Josh Marten, Stal Timber, 2321 N. Masch Branch Road, Suite 359

Andrea Williams, AK Queen, 613 Fallmeadow Court, Apt. 4

Brett L. Paxton, Paxton Construction, 9705 Blackwood Drive

Tracy Lee Olson, Backporch Pottery by Tracy, 9300 Grandview Drive

Digi Sport Performance LLC, Digi Sport Performance LLC, 2321 N. Masch Branch Road, Suite 325

Charlotte Gayle McGovern, Busy Bee Pottery, 10109 Cypress St.

Lucy A. Lindsey, Lucy Lindsey Beauty, 9821 Ironwood Drive

Irrigators Supply Inc., Irrigators Supply Inc., 5250 Dakota Lane

Precise Equipment Company LLC, Precise Equipment Company LLC, 3421 Barcelona St.

Jalen Dorsey LLC, Jalen Dorsey LLC, 2915 Augusta Drive, Apt. D


Moosoey Products LLC, Moosoey Products LLC, 3621 Red Oak Drive

Charles Dashon Freeman, Touch of Glitter, 4505 Eagle Path Road


Rena Hayari, Lavender Linen, 3150 Garrison Road, Apt. 721

Milam And Palmer Industries Inc., Milam and Palmer Industries, 3036 Country Club Road

Kyle Phillips, Kyle Phillips, 8309 Montecito Drive

Bishop Food Company LTD. Co., Aaron Michael’s Concessions, 1001 Wintercreek Drive

Fiorella Liddy, All Things Liddy, 3605 Ranchman Blvd.

Kathi Travers, Lydia’s Attic, 3605 Leeds Court

Greenlight LLC, Greenlight LLC, 2107 Milan Drive

Datreell Ezem, Trenvy, 6013 English Saddle Lane

Michael Allen Wallen, Michael Allen Wallen, 8328 Montecito Drive

Lone Star Naturals LLC, Lone Star Naturals LLC, 3220 Teasley Lane, Suite 118

Ryan Cornist, F3 Express Tees, 7520 Sunburst Trail

MG Pools LLC, MG Pools, 2504 Whetstone Drive

Chris & Christie Taylor, She Shed, 7101 Raintree Way

Daniel L O Flaherty, Next Door Productions, 3408 Hofstra Drive

Anthony R. Zazula, Mineral Kiss, 1310 Cheyenne Trail

Pioneer Automotive Inc., Pioneer Automotive Inc., 8010 Teasley Lane

Lyndsie Maree Reed, Fashionably Southern Design, 1918 Piper Drive

Sally Beauty Supply LLC, Sally Beauty Supply, 3001 Colorado Blvd.

Beauty Systems Group LLC, Beauty Systems Group, 3001 Colorado Blvd.


Go Edit Media LLC, Go Edit Media, 1022 Cedar Creek Road

The VMGrind LLC, Cuppa Espresso Bar, 1119 S. U.S. Highway 377

Fake Flex Enterprises LLC, Fake Flex Enterprises, 11969 Hilltop Road, Suite 31

Tractor Supply Co. Of Texas LP, Tractor Supply Company 2379, 2201 E. FM407

1 Wheel Parts LLC, 1 Wheel Parts, 480 Copper Canyon Road

NetProfit Consulting Inc., NetProfit Consulting Inc., 210 E. Denton St.

Argyle West Elementary PTA, Argyle West PTA, 1741 Old Justin Road

Herohelix LLC, Herohelix LLC, 8430 Canyon Crossing

Mark Torres, Local Art Project, 503 E. FM407

Sarah A. Combs, Lattice Lover, 6050 FM1830

Sandra B. Garoutte, The Details, 2000 Winthrop Hill Road

Ruth A. Larocca, Rannelles, 1100 Ninth St.

ATX Land Enhancements LLC, ATX Land Enhancements LLC, 401 Fenceline Drive

Jessica Gregory, She’s Meant, 225 Oak Ridge Lane

Brand in Hand LLC, Brand in Hand LLC, 410 Hearth Terrace

Precision Fit Labs LLC, Precision Fit Labs, 811D Stonecrest Road

Bring Back the Glory, Deric & Deborah Fontenot Min, BBTGlory, 6211 Prairie Brush Trail

GBTG Inc., TMarie Suits, 1425 Sixth St.

Sunshine Carpet and Floor Cleaning LLC, Sunshine Carpet and Floor Cleaning LLC, 2652 E. FM407 Suite 235


Brockett Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, Brockett Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, 900 Chestnut St.

William James Kelly IV, Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping, 9153 Benevolent Court

Adiel Morales, Adiel Morales, 1120 Stampede Drive

What’s For Lunch, Lisa LLC, What’s For Lunch, Lisa, 1813 Prospect Lane

Kayce McDade, House of Forte Boutique, 9011 King Ranch Drive

Laneah Michelle Renfroe, CrissCrossCrafts, 1816 Forsythe Drive

Sebastian Royo, El Rudo, 1209 Long Leaf Drive

April Diane Liyd, The Wet Hen, 4839 FM2931

James Romig, Romig Pianos, 417 Brahma St.

Elizabeth Torres, Gorditas Divina, 1601 Sparrow Lane

The Lounge @ Four Seasons LLC, The Nails And Spa, 10000 U.S. Highway 380, Unit 200

Jasmine Pollard, Tarbutter, 8732 Wagon Trail

April Lopez, A Happily Enchanted Boutique, 729 Fireside Drive

Kathryn Parrack, Risen Design, 117 Kruger Road

J Hutchinson Roofing and Construction LLC, Crazy J Rays Smokehouse BBQ, 2885 Forest Hill Drive

D’Z Puppy Place LLC, D’Z Puppy Place, 26785 E. University Drive, Suite 300

K9-Trader LLC, K9-Trader, 1010 E. Oak Shores Drive

O Pizza Inc., O Pizza Inc., 928 S. U.S. Highway 377, Suite 110


Mary Catherine Scharber, Raw Trends, 2154 Hillview Drive

Stephen Adam Barrow, Stephens Auto Rescue, 13290 Pruett Road


David Kennedy, David Kennedy, 10175 Horseshoe Nail Road

Aubrey Leasing LLC, Corner Cafe, 1280 S. U.S. Highway 377

Matthew Brock, M.L.M. Hardware, 12929 Saint John Road

Nancy V. Lamb, My Own Creations By Nancy, 706 S. Washington St.

The Wood Joiner LLC, The Wood Joiner LLC, 919 E. McDonald Drive

Kirk Klement Enterprises LLC, Red River Rental, 400 N. U.S. Highway 377


Super’s Pool Services Inc., Super’s Pool Services Inc., 699 Good Ole Boy Road

Young Guns Auto Inc., Young Guns Auto Inc., 700 S. Stemmons St.

3 Alarm Welding And Fabrication LLC, 3 Alarm Welding and Fabrication, 5820 W. FM455

David D. Smith, UpNOverOffroad, 37 S. Highland Drive

Mary Elizabeth-Hart Hunter, Behavior Explorer, 209 Walnut St.

Cool Vapes LLC, Cool Vapes LLC, 904 S. Fifth St., #102

Wave Crest Enterprises LLC, Wave Crest Enterprises LLC, 529 Rising Star Lane

Cody S. Tilley, Atlas AC & Heat, 1838 Private Road, #6615

Savana R. King, Savvy Chic Rustic Boutique, 4007 Monte Cristo Lane

Xact Coat LLC, Xact Coat LLC, 201 Railroad Ave.

Gro Pro Horticulture Services Inc., Gro Pro Horticulture Services Inc., 8474 Rector Road

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