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Frequently Asked Questions

On November 1, 2019, the Denton Record-Chronicle introduces All Access, a new program that offers unlimited access to all our digital products and home delivery of the newspaper. Here are frequently asked questions about All Access subscriptions. If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, please visit us at or call us at (940) 566-6836.

All Access gives subscribers the ability to read Denton Record-Chronicle content anywhere, any time. In print, on your computer or using your phone or tablet, All Access has something for you.

All Access includes home delivery of the newspaper at a frequency of your choice (or not at all); unlimited access to all content (including through our website and our new mobile app); and the electronic replica edition, previously available only by separate subscription

All visitors to our website will be able to view one to five articles or photo galleries each month free of charge. In addition, some areas of -- such as classified advertising, homepage, section pages, some advertising sections, video and obituaries -- will remain available free of charge and will not count toward the monthly page limit. All Access will be required for unlimited access to the complete site, whether viewed on desktop or on mobile devices. The system is based on a rolling four-week period that begins the first time you access the site after the November 1, 2019 launch.

If you already have delivery of any type of the Record-Chronicle in print, the switch to All Access is complimentary with the price of your subscription. You will not pay additional for the digital component of All Access.

Visit and click on the Subscribe tab for pricing options.

No. You are not required to become an All Access customer by registering an account online. Any home delivery newspaper subscriber can stick with just our print edition. But remember, print subscribers receive All Access at no additional cost; all that’s needed is to set up an account.  Visit


The Record-Chronicle is Denton County’s most trusted source for news. It’s produced by professional journalists who are committed to bringing you in-depth local news coverage plus the best in sports, business, arts and entertainment. Like many other news organizations around the world, we depend on reader support through subscriptions to invest in the resources we need to deliver the exclusive, local journalism you won’t find anywhere else.

It takes many reporters, editors, designers, artists, photographers and other professionals to produce the newspaper and continually update our online content each day. Charging a fee for full access to our digital content will enable us to continue delivering this high-quality journalism and serve a critical watchdog function for the residents of Denton County.   

If you’re a regular reader of our online products, we hope you’ll consider upgrading to All Access. Our All Access subscribers receive unlimited access to all our digital content including features not available in print – such as continuously updated breaking news, podcasts, livestreams, video, photo galleries, databases and other interactive elements such as puzzles, games (25 new puzzles and games each day) and a roundup of the week’s top national news every Sunday in the National Weekly. 

All Access adds value to your subscription. 

Home delivery customers receive All Access included in the price of their subscription.  To register and activate your subscription, visit to activate All Access now.

You can choose from our existing print subscription offer and All Access is included. You can also go to, click on the subscribe tab and view digital only options, as low as $1.99/week.

Go to to choose the option that works for you.

Visit and click on “Maintain my Account” to register and activate All Access. Remember: All Access is included in the price of the subscription for home delivery customers who are not part of a discounted introductory offer.

If you are still not getting the full website, please e-mail us at and we will make sure your email is synced in your subscription account.

If you are a subscriber, you just need to register to activate All Access.  

Yes. To purchase a digital-only subscription, visit and choose your subscription. If you’re a current print subscriber, however, please call us at (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY) to change to digital only. 

Visitors will still be able to view up to five articles and photo galleries on within a four-week period without paying a fee. In addition, certain areas of our site will be available free of charge including classified advertising, video, obituaries and content from wire services. Once you’ve looked at your free pages during a four-week period, you will have to subscribe in order to continue reading.

Yes, the e-edition and All Access are as low as $1.99/week. 

No, the All Access package includes the website, the online replica edition and the mobile application. The mobile app makes it easier for you to read content on a smart phone or tablet.

No, but you may continue with your current print-only subscription. We are not requiring our readers to activate or register for All Access.

Visit your user account dashboard to see the options available to you. Or you may call (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY). Or, if you are not a subscriber, please visit

You can also email us at and we will answer ASAP.

Yes, you can purchase a day pass for 99 cents.

Visitors will still be able to enjoy up to three articles and photo galleries each four-week period without paying a fee. In addition, certain areas of the site will be available free of charge such as classifieds, video, obituaries and content from wire services. Your four-week period begins the first day you access after All Access launches November 1, 2019.

Any local article or photo gallery at counts toward your four-week limit of free page views. Visits to our home page and other pages that list stories do not count. Also, advertising content, news delivered by wire services, obituaries, and video content do not count toward your four-week limit. 

When you have one-page view remaining in a four-week period, you will see a notification as well as a link to the page where you can sign up for All Access. When you’ve reached your monthly limit, you will only be able to access classifieds, some advertising content, video, obituaries and news from wire services unless you purchase All Access.

We hope you will subscribe since your support helps us to continue to invest in the quality journalism you rely on. But if you don’t subscribe, your free access will be reset at the beginning of the next four-week period, and you’ll once again be able to enjoy a limited amount of content. 

Yes.  As long as the link or post is live. If you do not have All Access, each click-through will count toward the page view limit for the given four-week period.

You may comment and read comments on stories but accessing article pages where comments are made count against your four-week limit.

Page views on the mobile website will count towards the free page views for subscribers and visitors. The app is free to download and install, but you will need All Access in order to read more than your free articles in a four-week period.

You can download the app at these links:



You can continue to register and receive e-mail newsletters (such as Wake Up with the DRC) without All Access. Opening a newsletter itself does not count toward your monthly page view limit but clicking them to read a story does.  To register for newsletters, click here.

Yes, but clicking on a link to a story or photo gallery will count toward your monthly limit.

Simply go to and log in. Then using your Internet browser, you can read page by page by going to the e-edition options. The e-edition is the exact replica of the daily paper, but with additional content such as more interactive games, puzzles and a summary of the weekly news with National Weekly on Sunday. 

Yes. Your username CAN NOT be your email address. 

The Record-Chronicle respects your privacy and will not sell, rent or share your personal information with third parties.  Our registration process helps us to serve you better.  Like most businesses, we want to learn more about our customers to continue to provide them with quality products and services that meet their needs. See our Terms of Use  at for our Privacy Policy.

You can manage your account any time at

You can go to or contact our Customer Service team at or (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY).

If you are a current PRINT subscriber adding All Access, the easiest way to pay for your subscription is through weekly billing to a credit or debit card based on your option of 8, 26, or 52 weeks. Many of our print subscribers use this easy method of payment now. If you choose to receive only the print edition or if you are an existing subscriber adding All Access, you may continue to receive bills through the mail if you like. Call (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY) to arrange this. However, we encourage you to consider signing up for EZ pay as it makes your monthly transaction easier for everyone. Any subscribers who take digital-only must pay with a credit or debit card.

Your All Access subscription will continue until canceled. You may stop your subscription at any time by calling our Customer Service team at (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY), email us at or mail notice to PO Box 2463, Denton TX 76202-2463. Upon cancellation, any outstanding balance over $10 ON A PRINT SUBSCRIPTION will be sent via check the month following the cancellation. Any refund amount under $10 ON A PRINT SUBSCRIPTION will be donated to the Newspaper in Education program unless a refund is specifically requested. After cancellation, you will still be able to view a limited amount of free articles per four-week period on

Cancellation and Refunds of Digital Subscriptions:

When you cancel a subscription, you cancel only future charges associated with your subscription. You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time, but the cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period.

Cancellations are effective the following billing cycle. You will not receive a refund for the current billing cycle. You will continue to have the same access and benefits of your product for the remainder of the current billing period.

All prices are in U.S. dollars and will be billed to your credit or debit card in U.S. dollars.

Yes.  Call our Customer Service Team at (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY) or go to to order a gift. Please indicate the name of the person receiving the gift in the information.

Please check the FAQs.  Many of your questions will be answered here. If you have a question that is not answered, please contact us at (preferred method) or call us at (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY).

You should see your screen name at the top right corner of the page on If you see “Log in” in the top right corner, you are not logged in.

Check to be sure you are logged in. Look for your screen name at the top right corner of the page on If you are still having problems, please contact us at (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY) or go to

For an existing All Access subscription, go to, log in and then click on UPDATE ACCOUNT on the left side of the page to update your e-mail address. To change your password, click on CHANGE PASSWORD after you log in.

Go to When logging in, click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link.

You may share it within your household but be aware of the limitation. 

You can access the replica edition at; click on the e-Edition link in the menu at the top of the page, or in the navigation bar located in the drop down under the home symbol on the home page. 

You can also click here!

Yes, your All Access membership includes unlimited access to on any computer or device. Typically, a mobile device will automatically access the mobile version of our website, which is easy to use on smart phones. You can also download the DRC app from Google Play or the iTunes store.

Use the same username and password you use for 

We value your feedback and welcome your comments. Please contact us at (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY) or go to and click on the Feedback button at the bottom of the page, or send to

In some instances, newspaper delivery can take a few days to begin. If you’re not receiving your newspaper, please call us at (940) 566-6888 (LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE. WE RETURN CALLS DURING THE DAY) or go to All digital only subscriptions do not include the Saturday print edition.

The Weekend edition (Saturday mail delivery) is now being delivered via the USPS.  Please look for the paper in your mailbox.